• Preferred Physical & Occupational Therapy works with industries to evaluate and treat employees with work related injuries. We offer work injury analysis, neck and back care treatment, in addition to evaluation and treatment of overuse injuries.

    Our job is to get people healthy, and, when possible back to work.

    • We get started as soon as possible to help manage pain and prevent further problems
    • We use a wide variety of up-to-date techniques to get the best results
    • We reassess progress on a weekly basis or as needed by case managers
    • Care is consistent with the same staff
    • We believe communication is key with you, your employer/case manager, and your physician

    We see a large number of neck and back injuries and repetitive motion injuries. Often workers are able to remain on the job, although sometimes modifications are needed. We also provide occupational and physical therapy after surgery if surgery is needed.

    We begin gently following your doctor’s protocols, employing the right combination of therapies and technologies to keep the healing process on schedule.

    Call (913) 299-9616 or complete our contact form for more information.