• I hurt my left knee while fishing. Shortly after surgery I fell on my deck ripping out the staples. Needless to say I needed another surgery. Your staff was very attentive to my condition. Taking time at the very beginning to start slow as not to do any damage to my knee. I very much appreciate everything you have done for me and don't think anybody or anywhere else could have done a better job!

    Kyle R

  • You all acted very knowledgeable and professional. You convinced me to take baby steps throughout my therapy. Looking back to the beginning I see very clearly how I steadily improved. I loved every new challenge! To those who worked with me, Renae, Beth and especially Sue, I can't thank you enough.

    John A

  • Renae Schmidt as well as the other therapists seem very good at their job! Very patient, but knowing when to push. I'm so pleased with my progress, but owe a lot to Renae's gentle nudging to push for better and better. This whole staff is dedicated to their tasks as well as making people welcome and cared for!!

    Elise A.

  • Therapy has done wonders for my hand. The therapists were very polite and interested in my progress.

    Dyssie F.

  • As I walked through the door I felt right at home. The place was clean, and bright, and therapists were all friendly and bright eyed, ready to help in anyway they could. I walked in the door with a limp, but today I am smiling and walking out feeling great. I didn't think I was ever going to get to the degree of bend that was needed for my knee. But, with persistence and dedication it came, it just took time. I thank everyone for the help and suggestions that were given to me. God Bless you all!

    B. Brewer

  • I was introduced to the ASTYM by my therapist Lindsay Gedney. I have seen amazing results in both my elbows and carpal tunnel, as well as my plantar fasciitis. The devices used with the ASTYM system really helped remove the bad tissue in my legs, feet and thighs. I would highly recommend the ASTYM system to anyone who has any type of carpel tunnel or plantar fasciitis prior to any surgical procedures.

    Crystal G.