• Our pediatric physical therapists at Precise Physical Therapy work with children from birth to adolescence with a variety of conditions and diagnoses. During an evaluation, the therapists may assess range of motion, flexibility, strength, balance, gait, posture, muscle tone and gross motor skills. Together, the family and therapist determine functional and reasonable goals.

    Our physical therapists have years of experience working with children. They address large motor skills such as rolling, crawling, sitting and walking. They work with children recovering from orthopedic and sports injuries as well as children recovering from a surgery or accident. Children identified as having coordination and balance issues can often see huge improvements through physical therapy. Our therapists have tremendous success working with infants who suffer from Torticollis, which is a tightening in the neck.

    Common Treated Conditions Include:

    • Torticollis
    • Sports Injuries
    • Orthopedic Conditions (fractures, musculoskeletal conditions and sports related injuries)
    • Developmental Delays
    • Osgood Schlatters
    • Pes Planus
    • Erb’s Palsy
    • Cerebral Palsy
    • Abnormal Gait
    • Balance/Coordination
    • Plagiocephaly / Brachycephaly