• Do I need to see a doctor first?

      Patients may self-refer for physical therapy.  Occupational therapy requires a physician script. Primary Doctors and consultant referrals are also welcome. Some insurance policies require that you are referred by a doctor, please check with your insurance provider.

    • Are we registered with insurance companies?

      We are registered with all the leading medical companies. If you are making an insurance claim, please check with your insurance company first that you are covered and the procedure you need to follow.

    • Do you offer In Home Visits?

      Yes, we do offer in home physical and occupational therapy services.  If interested, please call us at 913-299-9616 or email us at info@kcppt.com

    • Do you offer telehealth or e-visits?

      Yes, we do offer our online telehealth practice component to our physical and occupational therapy patients.  To get more information on this, please visit our telehealth page.

    • What are your opening times?

      Monday, 7:20am - 6:00pm
      Tuesday, 8:40am - 5:40pm
      Wednesday, 7:20am - 6:00pm
      Thursday, 8:40am - 5:40pm
      Friday, 7:20am - 12:00pm

    • Should I stop taking medication before having physical or occupational therapy?

      Try not to alter any medication immediately prior to your visit. 

    • How long is treatment?

      Initial evaluations and treatments will last anywhere between 40 and 60 minutes.  Follow up treatment sessions generally are scheduled for 40 minutes. Extended sessions are available if needed and you will be advised should this be the case.

    • How many sessions will I need?

      The first session is an initial assessment, at which time your physical or occupational therapist will be able to indicate how many sessions are likely to be needed.

    • What should I wear?

      Comfortable clothing - be aware you may be asked to undress.

    • What will the treatment be?

      The treatment may include hands on therapies, ASTYM, Aquatic Therapy, and therapeutic exercise.

    • How early after the start of symptoms should I start treatment?

      We prefer to assess you as soon as possible.

    • How do I pay?

      Payment terms - payment is required at the time of treatment by debit/credit cards, cash or check.