• Precise Physical Therapy offers an Aquatic Therapy program due to physician and patient requests as well as previous positive outcomes.  Patients will receive one-on-one treatments by a licensed Physical Therapist, providing hands-on care in the water.  Aquatic therapy allows greater ease with exercise with decreased pain due to the properties of water.  The following is a brief review of indications, contra-indications, benefits, and typical patients we may recommend for aquatic therapy.  We look forward to seeing you in the water!

    • Need for improved ROM
    • Lack of pain control with land-based therapy
    • NWB or PWB precautions with need of ROM and strengthening
    • Multiple joints/ spine pain
    • Arthritis pain
    Contra-indications/ precautions:
    • Cardiac disease (need physician authorization)
    • Current infection
    • Epilepsy/ seizure disorders
    • Respiratory conditions/ disease
    • Bowel/ bladder incontinence
    • Anxiety/ fear of water
    • < 6 wks post-op
    Benefits of warm water, Aquatic-based therapy
    • Relaxation of muscle tone/ spasm
    • Reduced wt. bearing on joints, spine, and extremities due to buoyancy principles
    • Constant low-grade sensory input assists in over-riding pain stimulus
    • Improved circulation and edema control due to hydrostatic pressure of water
    • Buoyancy principles allow wt. bearing options between 50-90%
    • Water principles allow assisted, supported, and resisted movement
    • Greater ease of muscle re-education due to sensory feedback of water and supported body
    • Greater ease of exercise with decreased symptoms

    Target Patients to Benefit from Aquatic Therapy

    • DJD, DDD, OA, RA
    • Post-op:  TKA, THA, TSA, RTC, knee arthroscopic surgeries
    • Post fractures and/ or ORIF
    • Trunk/ spine instability/ LBP
    • Balance & gait deficits
    • Neurological deficits/ disorders