• We wanted to send a greeting and update in times of the COVID19 climate.  We truly hope you are all staying safe and healthy as possible!     The last 30-40 days have proven to be historical and memorable, sadly not for good reasons.   In the silver linings however, there is a slower pace of life.  There are more family meals, games and projects building stronger family units.   There is a new sense of appreciation for health, freedoms, and choices we so recently took for granted.  There is green grass, budding trees, and the burst of warmer, happier days on the horizon. 

    The operations of our clinics have slowed considerably in the efforts of decreasing risks, exposure, and potential cases of COVID19.  We are open, however in a much different manner.  We are treating with one therapist in each clinic at a time, with one patient at a time.  Our schedule looks much like a checkerboard, but in the spirit of health and safety.   Staff continues to be screened, temperatures taken, and diligent in staying home other than work activities.   Patients are triaged and screened carefully as well.   We continue disinfecting EVERYTHING imaginable before and after each patient visit, and I must say we all look fabulous in our masks!!

    We have launched our telehealth and in-home services where appropriate as well.    We have been pleasantly surprised with multiple insurance companies now covering these services to assist patient rehabilitation in the safest manner.    If you are interested in telehealth and/ or in-home visits, please call our office to discuss with us.   It has been an adventure, and blessing to be welcomed into our patient homes.

    We greatly appreciate your patience, understanding, and continued support of our staff and small business.  We look forward to seeing you all again soon and mending your aching muscles and joints!


    Beth, John, Lindsay, Katie, Allison, Stacy, Renae, Molly, Aileen, Jeanette, Katie, Shane & Kendall