• We are sharing exciting news that will directly impact the way we can treat and offer care to our patients! Our offices will remain open as we are deemed an essential business as a healthcare facility. Our staff will continue to collaborate, triage, and make best practice decisions as to where care is safest and most beneficial for each patient. We will continue screening patients and staff alike to assure a safe environment for all involved. We will also continue to allow only patients and staff in our clinics with elevated levels of disinfecting procedures. Again, we feel fortunate to work in small clinics with minimal traffic, making it easier for us to control risks.

    Considering COVID-19 is now a community spread virus and current recommendations within our counties of residences and practice, we are excited to expand our reach as practitioners to now deliver care in patient homes! Our staff will offer in-home therapy when appropriate, authorized by your physician, and covered by your insurance carrier.

    We have also partnered with an online telehealth platform to offer virtual healthcare. We believe this will be an added enhancement to the patient experience at Precise Physical Therapy, LLC. When indicated and authorized by your physician and insurance, patients can still receive quality care from the safety, comfort and convenience of their home or office via a virtual appointment with one of our therapists.

    If you are someone who would prefer one of our new methods of care, welcome to the next level of our patient experience! Please notify us at your earliest convenience if you would prefer to take advantage of in-home care or telehealth medicine. Please call 913-725-8340 or 913-299-9616 to discuss your treatment options and preferences.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience during this challenging time. 

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    Blessings and health to you and yours,

    Precise Physical Therapy, LLC